£95.00 – £250.00
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  • Bot 14 to Bot 18 - £95.00
  • Bot 19 to Bot 23 - £125.00
  • BULK of 3 BOTS - £230.00
  • BULK of 5 BOTS - £250.00
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Noise bots - Edition of 200.

Light controlled electronic sculpture. Each bot is unique, has stereo minijack output and a slightly different design and sound. Doesn't require batteries and is activated by light. Each bot has a serial number, a name, a theme, and a unique personality. Comes with an authenticity certificate and a hand painted schematics. In stock or made to order. orders can be customised.
Please note: prices increase as sales progress, the maximum number of NOISEBOTS is 200 then they will be SOLD OUT. The initial price is heavily discounted so don't wait and get yours now!!